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Important Information fro, Alaurice Tafoya-Modi, CCDB Past President.... Press Releases and other important information

Notice from CCDB President Alaurice Tafoya Modi

“As most of our country is under lock-down due to an unprecedented health crises, our courts continue to run. Attorneys are on the front-line, still representing those accused and still going to court to advocate on their behalf. Since this crisis has hit, our organization, along with others have been pushing for swift and uniform action by all Colorado courts to ensure the health and safety of all parties. Without such unified action and direction, the health and safety of each person depends on what courthouse or even what courtroom they step into. This is simply unacceptable. This unprecedented time calls for immediate and uniform action as any further delay will cost lives and could bring our justice system to a grinding halt,” said CCDB Board President, Alaurice Tafoya Modi  

Press Release: Click to Open
2020 04-03 ACLU Press Release
2020 04-03 CCDB_ADC Press Release 
2020 03-17 Governor and State Officials Urged to Reduce Jail and Prison Population During COVID-19 Pandemic 

Other Important Documents: Click each doc to open

CO SP CT Petitions re Court & Jail Safety Covid 19 
Rule 21 Covid 19 Final Petition Jails 
2020 04-03 Petition re Court Safety Covid-19 
COVID 19 Letter re: Jails and Prisons 
Incarcerated Juveniles and COVID 19 

Welcome... 2020-2021 Board President, Brian C. Williamson

Since its founding in 1979, the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar is dedicated to protecting the rights of criminal defendants. We believe that a strong, unified and well-trained defense bar provides the best protection against error, injustice and government’s abuse of power in our criminal justice system.  Our organization is unequivocally opposed to the death penalty and our mission is to ensure our members are providing the best and most zealous representation for the criminally accused.    Not only does CCDB provide the best education, resources and training for Colorado’s criminal defense practitioners, we stand as a leader in advancing both legislative and policy reform to Colorado’s current criminal justice system.   





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