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Fri., July 30, 2021 - Municipal Court Practice
Zoom Presentation: Noon - 2:00 pm
Presented by: Jonathan Booker and Travis Zigler
Registration is Open

Fri., Sept 10, 2021 - Olom Awards Rescheduled
Please watch for updates and Registration coming soon!

Fri. &Sat., Oct 22, 23rd - DUI Conference
University of Denver
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Welcome... 2021-2022 Board President, Beale Tejada

Founded in 1979, the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar is dedicated to protecting the rights of criminal defendants. A strong, unified, and well-trained defense bar provides the best protection against error, injustice, and the government’s abuse of power in our criminal justice system. The events of 2020 serve as a stark reminder that our country’s promise of equality before the law has not been met. As criminal defense attorneys, CCDB members see first-hand these inequalities every day. Put simply, people of color, LGBTQ+, and the indigent are treated differently when the government accuses them of a crime.

CCDB is committed to addressing these systemic inequalities at every turn. We support our members in their fight for fairness and justice in their daily practice, and we support legislation that fixes the wrongs within the criminal justice system.  CCDB will always stand with its members in fulfilling the Constitution’s guarantee that every person is entitled to counsel who will zealously advocate for the accused.






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