Attorney Health Assistance Resources

By rule of the Colorado Supreme Court, there are two programs that offer assistance to attorneys. Both the Colorado Attorney Assistance Program (CAAP) and the Peer Assistance Program (CLHL) are confidential and as such are exempt from reporting to the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel. Additionally, both programs offer information regarding additional resources that are available to attorneys.  Much of this help is free and additional resources are available.

CCDB Ethics Hotline

If you are practicing criminal defense as an attorney, you face a unique and challenging series of professional and ethical questions every day.  CCDB maintais an ethics hotline for members to use when they face questions and situations that they need a second opinion on.  Those listed with our ethics hotline are knowledgeable and experienced attorneys who can help you work through what you must and should do.

COBAR Ethics Hotline

Certain members of the State Bar Ethics Committee are available for BRIEF discussion of attorneys' own immediate ethical dilemmas or questions. Attorneys are asked to do their own research prior to calling the HotLine. HotLine inquiries are handled by individual members of the Committee to help identify ethical issues and do not necessarily reflect the thinking of the Committee as a whole. Please remember these practicing attorneys are doing this for free and can't spend more than about 10 minutes per call and are not there to do research for you. To contact the HotLine Members please call the Colorado Bar Association office at 303.860.1115, or 800.332.6736 (in-state only).

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