Why become a member? 

The Colorado Criminal Defense Bar provides crucial services and support to private criminal defense practitioners, public defenders, paralegals, and investigators throughout the state.  We are committed to providing our members with the tools they need to better represent their clients and working together to improve Colorado’s criminal justice system.

Policy Reform and Development:

  • An active Policy Committee meets regularly to discuss current issues and to develop legislation, policy statements, and coordinated responses to various issues that affect our clients and practice of criminal defense.
  • Our Policy Director & lobbyists advocate for the rights of the accused at the State Capitol and represent our clients’ interests on numerous state criminal justice-related committees and task forces.
  • Member action alerts are sent out during the General Assembly sessions when important votes are pending on issues that impact you and your clients.
  • Our non-profit organization, the Colorado Criminal Defense Institute (CCDI), works with the community of stakeholders that support criminal justice initiatives and plans long term strategies for comprehensive reform.

Listservs give you a venue to share knowledge and experience throughout the state:

  • General Criminal Defense Questions and Topics
  • DUI/DMV/Traffic
  • Appellate and Post-Conviction
  • Juvenile Delinquency and Direct File
  • Paralegal & Investigator Only Discussion

High-Level trainings and seminars, including:

  • County & Municipal Court Practice Trainings
  • Cross-Examining Mental Health Experts
  • Defending Sex Offences
  • DUI/DUID Defense
  • FREE Case Assistance Roundtables organized help members address specific issues related any type of cases moderated by experienced criminal defense practitioners. 
  • Homestudy and On-Demand

The Amicus Committee monitors cases before the Colorado Court of Appeals and Supreme Court and weighs in with Amicus Briefs on issues that have a broad impact on criminal law and the justice system, including (but not limited to):

  • People v. Steen (2014): decided that a county court, upon request, is required to grant a stay of probation pending an appeal of a misdemeanor conviction to the district court.
  • Kazadi v. People (2012): determined whether a criminal defendant has the right to apply for postconviction review of a deferred judgment pursuant to section 18-1-410, C.R.S. (2010) and Crim. P. 35(c).
  • Dooly v. People (2013): decided whether the court of appeals erred by finding that the district court was not required to follow the procedures outlined in Crim. P. 35(c) for considering the merits of a postconviction motion when granting a motion to dismiss under Crim. P. 12(a).

Networking and Other Opportunities to Get Involved:

  • Regional Chapters throughout the state for training, networking, idea-sharing, and coordinated response to local challenges.
  • Standing Committees open for membership participation (Policy, Education, Amicus, Paralegal, Membership, Rap Sheet, and Investigator).
  • Social and networking events throughout the year.

Electronic publication, The Rap Sheet, includes recent case law and practical practice articles.

Extra Benefits for members including discounts at gyms, retail stores, and more.




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