Standing Committees of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar

Handles challenges that the Criminal Defense Community faces throughout the year, the CCDB creates and maintains standing committees. The committees are made up of both Board Members and Members at large and are responsible for much of the substantive work that the organization accomplishes every year. These committees meet on a regular and ongoing basis and are always in search of energetic and committed criminal defense practitioners.

Your level of involvement in the CCDB depends on your interests. Please take a moment to review the brief descriptions of the CCDB's Standing Committees. Feel free to contact any of the Committee Chairs or Members to talk about how you can get more involved in the activities of the CCDB.

You do not have to be a Board Member and you do not have to live in Denver to sit and serve on a committee. Participation and membership on any one of the CCDB's Standing Committees is dependent on your interest. Get Involved!

Amicus Reviews: The amicus chair makes recommendations to the board of directors about which cases the CCDB should participate in as amicus curiae. The chair reviews cases pending in the courts, considers requests from the membership for amicus participation, and recruits volunteer attorneys to represent the CCDB as amicus curiae in important cases. Since the subcommittee was restructured in 2011, the CCDB has participated as amicus curiae in over twenty cases in the Colorado Supreme Court, the United State Supreme Court, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit. Chair - Antony Noble

Finance Committee: Responsible for the financial health of the CCDB. Along with the Executive Director, develops the organizations budget and ensures that the organization follows its budget and remains financially sound. Chair - Brian Williamson

Judicial Committee: The Judicial Selection Committee has two focuses. First, the Committee impliments procedures for endorsement of judicial candidates. These procedures govern the CCDB's Board and local chapters in recommending candidates to the Governor. Second, the Committee overseas CCDB's efforts to recruit judicial candidates and members of the Judicial Department's Nominating and Performance committees. Chair - Phil Cherner

Membership Committee:  The foundation of the CCDB is its membership. Each member is benefited and strengthened by a growing, active membership. The committee is responsible for developing membership policies and services. It is also responsible for developing recruitment policies and strategies that the Board, the staff, and members can pursue throughout the year. Chair - Lisa Santos

Professional Development Committee: Designs and executes seminars and training programs that give practitioners current information and helps practitioners become better advocates for their clients. The Professional Development Committee maintains an Investigator subcommittee to address issues affecting investigators and associate members. Co-Chairs - Adrienne Teodorovic

Policy Committee: Works with CCDB lobbyist Carrie Thompson to develop legislative and political positions for the CCDB. For the General Assembly session, the committee decides the legislation that the CCDB will pursue, designs the strategy to pursue its position, and arranges for testimony and resources to support its position. Chair - Alaurice Tafoya-Modi

Raptor Committee: Develops fund raising events to support CCDB legislative lobbying work. Co-Chairs - Philip Cherner and J.B. Katz

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