CCDB Past Presidents - Providing Leadership For More Than a Quarter Century.

Since its founding more than 30 years ago, the CCDB has been led by some remarkable women and men.  Their accomplishments live on today and continue to benefit thousands of defenders and clients. In 2002 the President’s Council was created, which consists of former presidents of the CCDB and is chaired by the current President. The Council's role is to maintain the institutional memory of the CCDB, to assist the President in policy matters with its collective experience, and to give additional insight to the Board of Directors. Council Members are Ex-Officio members of the Board of Directors.

President’s Council Chair 2018-2019: CCDB President Jay Tiftickjian

Past Presidents and President's Council Members

Alaurice Tafoya_Modi (2018-19)
Tafoya-Modi Law Firm, LLC

Kathleen McGuire (2017-18)
The McGuire Law Office, LLC

Darren Cantor (2016-17)
Office of the Alternate Defense Counsel

Christopher R. Decker (2015-16)
Decker & Jones

David M. Beller (2014-15)
Recht Kornfeld, PC

Sean McDermott (2013-14)
McDermott Stuart & Ward, LLP

Mary Claire Mulligan (2012-13)
Mulligan & Mulligan, PLLC

Stephanie Hewitt-Bowen (2011-12)
Stephanie Hewitt, PC

Shawna Geiger (2010-11)
Ofc of the Federal Public Defender

Martin Stuart (2009-10)
McDermott Stuart & Ward, LLP

Maureen O'Brien (2008-09)
O'Brien Thomas & Bibik, LLC
Nancy Holton (2007-08)
Colorado State Public Defender's Office
Thomas Hammond (2006-07)
Attorney at Law
Patrick Ridley (2005-06)
Ridley McGreevy & Winocur, PC
Mark T. Langston (2004-05)
Mark T. Langston, P.C.
Carrie Thompson (2003-04)
Attorney at Law
James Castle (2002-03)
Attorney at Law
Philip Cherner (2001-02)
Attorney at Law, Retired
Robert Pepin (2000-01)
Federal Public Defenders Office
Lindy Frolich (1999-00)
Office of the Alternate Defense Counsel
Edward Nugent (1998-99)
Nugent & Palo, LLC  (Retired)
Forrest “Boogie” Lewis (1997-98)
Forest W. Lewis, PC
Daniel Recht (1996-97)
Recht & Kornfeld, PC
G. Paul McCormick (1995-96)
McCormick & Kennedy, PC
Janine Yunker (1994-95)
Federal Public Defenders Office
David Kaplan (1993-94)
Haddon Morgan & Foreman, PC
Jeffrey S. Paglicua (1992-93)
Haddon Morgan & Foreman, PC
Robin Desmond (1990-91)
Attorney at Law
Saskia A. Jordan (1989-90)
Haddon Morgan & Foreman, PC
Jeffrey A. Springer (1988-89)
Springer & Steinberg
1600 Broadway, Suite 1200
Denver, Colorado 80202
Patrick J. Burke (1987-88)
Patrick J. Burke, P.C.
Norman R. Mueller (1986-87)
Haddon Morgan & Foreman, PC
Larry S. Pozner (1985-86)
Reilly Pozner, LLP
Jane S. Hazen (1984-85)
Attorney at Law (Retired)
John M. Richilano (1983-84)
Richilano Shea, LLC
Jonathan I. Olom (1982-83)
(8/5/50 – 10/28/84)

Lee D. Foreman (1981-82)
Haddon, Morgan Foreman, PC
Michael DiManna (1979-81)
DiManna & Jackson






























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